The die is cast

is perhaps my favorite saying. At least it is in the top five. It can be said "Alea iacta est" for the latin fans. Reportedly uttered by Julius Ceasar as he crossed the Rubicon, I often use it to remind myself that most things are out of my control now.

This blog is a point of no return for me. I've been pretty reclusive and kept a low profile over the past ten years. I blame this on working in ad tech early in my career. After just a few months I made it a mission to leave a minimal internet footprint from that point forward.

I realize now that this position is antithesis to the goals that I want to accomplish over the next decade. As such, I am publishing this post today as a start. I'll fill in more details about me later.

I'm working on open sourcing many of my personal code and projects I built over the years. I hope that someone finds my rants and snippets useful. Most of these are built around Ruby and the Ruby on Rails framework. If it's useful to you, let me know so I post more content.

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