Javascript - Before there was javascript...

there was darkness. Actually no, there was a Flash. Macromedia Flash to be more precise. Okay I understand this timeline is technically wrong and the joke is lame. Javascript was made in 1995 while ActionScript didn't appear until 1998.

However if you were building a web app in the early 2000's you most likely made your interactive elements in Macromedia Flash if you had deep enough pockets to build interactive elements. Or, a web page for that matter.

I started building my first websites around 2001 and seriously developing in 2005. This series aims to explore the history of the javascript world through my point of view. I aim to explore the ways it has moved forwards and perhaps backwards over time.

We'll check out some of the key technologies and timelines that made things possible to be where we are at today. And of course look at the good parts, and the bad parts of the Javascript community.

  • Javascript the early years (2000-2006) - Explore the decline of Flash and the rise of Javascript.
  • The time of great tranquility (2006-2010) - A rare time of piece in the javascript world. A calm always proceeds the storm...
  • Rise of the frameworks (2010-2015) - It seemed like every minute gave us a new framework or library. Backbone, Angular, Ember, React, Vue and most of the major players were released during this period.
  • The era of standards (2015-present) - The wild west has begun to be tamed. We are still probably here for another year or two yet. Each month it seems like some forward progress is being made.
  • Into the future (est 2022+) - I'll try to see the future and speculate on where Javascript may go, as well as where I feel it needs go.
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